Ways To Avoid Clogs And Blocks

Many things take place in our lives. Some of it are things that we wish we could change while others are things we wish we could just let it be. Some unpleasant situations that occur in our lives can most certainly be avoided by us. They say that prevention is always better than cure. There are many ways that we could prevent many disastrous things from taking place. At home, there are several things we could do in order to avoid break downs, leakages or any other potential hassles. One of the most difficult or unpleasant things that we face at our homes would be clogged pipes and drains. Following are some ways where you could avoid facing a situation where your drains are clogged.

Manual Removal

Usually a choke clearing in Singapore is created by the excessive disposal of hair and the inability for it drains down the pipes. Hair usually entangles all the other particles which creates a barrier for the water to run down smoothly. There are ways you could avoid a situation as such. The easiest you can do is to collect the hair before it enters the drain opening and throw it to the bin. This is easy and you can use gloves to protect yourself from and germs. It also creates a clean atmosphere as no one would like to walk into a bath with hair clogged around every drain. Make it a practice to clean out the hair after every shower to make this more effective.

A reason why you would need a kitchen pipe flushing will be due to the grease you wash out from food items, pots and pans. This makes the grease build up on the walls of the pipeline making it difficult for the water to flow. This creates a clog and will be difficult to get rid of depending on the place of the clog. However, you can take out any greasy particles out separately and not let it drain down the pipes. You can even fix up a mesh to do the job for you and clean the mesh regularly. This will prevent grease building up and help you have a clog free kitchen pipeline.


Usually, clogs are created due to organic items that are flushed or washed down the drain. So, the market has come up with an interesting yet helpful tactic to overcome this situation. The easiest and pretty much the most inexpensive method will be by using bacteria to do the job for you. These bacteria could be purchased from supermarkets and will dissolve organic matters that clog your pipes.

Therefore, by following the above steps you can make sure that your pipes do not get clogged often.