Tips On How To Deal With Frizzy Hair

Now more than ever before, haircare is a big deal for most of us. Partially, it’s the good marketing tactics presented so well, and partially, it’s because of all the damage we seem to do to it. Sleek and shiny hair has always been “in”; but not everyone is willing to change their tresses into something that it isn’t. If you have frizzy hair that you have no intention of beating into submission, you will have to learn how to deal with it. And as experts on frizzy locks, here’s what we have to offer to you…!

  • Keep your hair healthy from the inside – if your tresses are frizzy and out of control due to over dryness, chances are that the foods you consume and your body’s dehydration are causing it. Affordable healthcare vitamins in Singapore can be of use here, as well as learning to consume plenty of water.
  • Find the routine that works best for you – and here, we mean the hair wash routine, as well as the drying. Use haircare products that aims for controlling frizz. Products that include olive oil and castor oil work really well here. Sometimes, using such products in a particular order can work better. For example; oiling the hair, shampooing it, and then conditioning it works for some; and for others, using leave-on conditioners help better.
  • Pay attention to what comes close to your hair – be that it’s your pillow, your towels or your scarfs, make sure that it’s of materials that doesn’t aggravate the frizz. Silk pillow cases are great to avoid overnight frizz and drying out your tresses. Using an old t-shirt instead of the usual towels can also reduce the after wash frizz. If you’re of a habit to cover your hair, regardless to whether it’s protecting against the sun or the dust, make sure to use materials that wont aggravate your locks.
  • Find a style that is the least hassling – if dealing with frizzy hair is truly too hard for you, then experiment and find a style that doesn’t require a lot of fussing around. For some, short hair is easier to handle, while for other, pulling in back and out of the way is less hassling. Depending on what kind of work you do, and your general climate, this may vary.
  • Oiling, massaging and masks – frizzy locks can benefit greatly through oiling, scalp massaging and using hair masks. There are certain masks developed exclusively for this. If not available locally, you can try following online tutorials and DIYing them; or even purchasing them online.