The Family Vineyard In Myanmar

If you wish to look at the vineyards in Myanmar you will be taken to Ayuthaya region, which comprises of low hills and a climate setup which makes it congenial for growing grapes. Indeed, the journey of opening up this industry in Myanmar has not been easy as the country had a closed regime under a military rule. As the country savors the initial years of democracy, the efforts of the German entrepreneur who started a vineyard here for the first time are bearing fruit.

A German vineyard in Myanmar

The story began with Morsbach who was a mining engineer and had the experience of owning a wine business in Europe through his family lineage. He admits that he suffered financial losses when he came to Myanmar and decided to claim the virgin territory in Ayuthaya hills to try and set up a vineyard here. Today his principal winemaker claims that the vintage red wine in Myanmar created at the vineyards is still being perfected upon. The vineyard found local consumption demand to be low, but enough to cater to as the production in initial years was low as well. Compared to higher consumption levels of the French, Germans and Americans, Burmese people simply drink one tenth of a glass in a year. However, with the opening up of the economy, today the vineyard has much of local and tourist demand to cater to and not enough to export as per the demands coming in.

What to expect?

Those who visit the vineyard often compare the scene to Napa Valley or to that in the Barossa. The head winemaker of the estate states that people have started to drink wine more and develop a taste for the same as thought processes and culture is changing under the new democratic regime. Those who visit the vineyard and wish to buy wine are invited to sample the wines produced at the Sunset Garden restaurant. This open venue for tasting wines provides a view of the surrounding landscape that is characterized by tropical greenery like jackfruit trees.

People can get to taste wines like the sparking rose, the Sauvignon Blanc, the Tempranillo, the Shiraz and others. They will find the tastes to be unique, fruity and full bodied which accompany any meal in the hot, tropical weather. For those who wish to carry back with some local wines can conveniently purchase them online. This makes it easy to order in and savor the local wines cultivated in Myanmar. Indeed, there is not grater way to taste the true flavors of a region than to taste its wine.