Dominating Conventional Manufacturing Methods

3D printing is the playground of all makerspaces around the world. Many industries took their time exploring this amazing technology in last decade now they are starting to build their way up with numerous strategies and plans in designing. And makerspaces keep exploring new boundaries in 3D printers. There was a time where everything was standardized and consumer desires were limited. And now with these 3D printers, you can have almost anything that you desire within hours. Also, this has made a huge impact on manufacturing industries as well. This technology is actually dominating all the other conventional methods of manufacturing. Because these machines can use plastics, metal, and any synthetic in their productions and they have a higher precision as well. There are very important features that made this technology so important in today’s world.

Mass Customization
Imagine you had to go to a doctor to replace your knee. Basic procedure would be a doctor coming to you with a bunch of pre designed knees with standard dimensions and trying to find what knee matches your need. But with 3D printing technology, you can have a knee printed just for you with the exact correct dimensions. Best part is that this process will only take hours while conventional methods will take days or even weeks. This is also applied in various other industries like architecture, engineering, house planning etc.

Low Volume Production
When producing a certain component out of some material, you either have to cut it to a shape from a large piece or you have to melt the material and pour it to a mold. When it comes to industrial level it is impossible to shape a huge chunk of material in to a complicated shape within a limited time. If you are producing thousands of components with same dimensions, you ca use a mold or a pattern but if the volume is small you cannot afford a mold since they cost a lot. This is where 3D printing becomes extremely helpful. You can build hundreds of replicas with this technology with extreme accuracy and you will only need a couple of days to finish the job!If you are interested about 3D printing technology you can visit this website

Rapid Prototyping
Another valuable feature in this additive manufacturing is that you can build a lot of components within hours. This process is extremely fast when compared to other conventional methods. For instance, it took days to finalize a single component in early days and now you can design, print and finalize the product with a good and proper analysis within a day.

If you have not considered investing in a best 3D printer in Singapore already, you really should experience this service once from a qualified professional or a company and see it for yourself before it’s too late.